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We adhere and rigorously pursue the Montessori ways and standards using the educational approach of trainings by the Association Montessori International. We engage in continuous research, innovation and upgrade informed by current thoughts that bothers on child development and learning. Our success is inspired by the vlaues we share, which are Integrity, Team Spirit, Leadership, Excellence. Parents Partnership, Service to Society and Creativity.


School Premises & Structure

Our facility is designed to foster creative learning and wholesome development of students. Each class is well built and furnished with the best quality of Nienhius Montessori materials from Netherlands. Our playground is designed to enable children learn to live in community, face challenges, develop patience, corporation and are resilient to obstacles. Features include Swimming pool, Massive tree house, Giant Gorilla Multi-Activity Playground, Tunnels, Swings, Slides for ages, Climbers, Rockers, Stationary Bouncers, Water Fountains and lots more.