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Our Facility & Premises

School Building

Facing the school gate is a magnificent structure that houses the children from the pre-school age and above. Each class is well built and furnished with the best quality of Nienhius Montessori materials from Netherlands which we are one of their representative / distributor in Nigeria.


OAMS is located on vast land space; with a large section dedicated to playground; enough activity for the children to move, exercise and develop their muscles and bones. We recognize that a good and equipped playground performs an essential role towards the child’s physical, psychological, mental / cognitive, and social development. It is one of the natural ways enabling the proper growth and development of children. At OAMS playground, children learn to live in community, face challenges, develop patience, corporation and are resilient to obstacles. We assure our children exciting time during recess. Some features and attraction at our playground include:

  Swimming pool
  Massive tree house
  Giant Gorilla Multi-Activity Playground

  Slides for ages
  Wood Climbers/Balancing
  Rockers and Stationary Bouncers
  Water Fountains