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Our Policies

  Prepared Environment
To provide an appropriate environment; that leaves in the child from pre-school age and above; that sustained love and desire for learning; Igniting the inner passion and creativity in the child. We are committed to exceptional excellence by providing the child with environment that aids his development at every stage.

  Child’s Awareness of this Prepared Environment
To make the child aware of his unique environment; his relationship with it and his role to enhance it; as well as leave a legacy for generations after him. The child will grow to become a positive impact his world.

  Individualized Learning and appropriate age materials
Our curriculum fosters independent learning; hence individual child’s development. It is also challenging and enhances critical thinking.

  Partnership with parents
OAMS will fully and dynamically engage and partner with parents and society to get fully involved in the education of their children while aspiring for growth in their various careers.

  Culture Development
To use Montessori education to build respect for culture to further give service to the society; especially in a world where good values are gradually fading away.