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Enrichment Programs

Music plays a vital role in Montessori Education which is multi-faceted, comprehensive, encompassing to influence every facet of human endeavor and not limited to mathematics, science and language which is easily at the top of everyone’s agenda in an ever increasing technological world. Thus, music is part and parcel of our daily routine at OAMS and gets even more attention with the presence of a Music Club dedicated to its study and exploration by our Acorns. This is to further help your child maximize the many proven benefits of music education in preparing them, not just for today, but for the future.

Firstly, learning to play an instrument involves the use of every aspect of the brain thereby, influencing an increased cognition, concentration and attention, mental and physical recall, hand-eye coordination, hand-ear coordination which inadvertently influences & improves academic outcomes positively. These developed skills are relevant for life and professional advancement.

Also, science has shown that learning music improves language development and self-expression because the part of the brain responsible for learning language is the same part required for singing and playing an instrument. Children who are proficient in verbal communication have an advantage in social and educational settings as proven by child psychologists.

Furthermore, having your child engage a daily schedule to practice music and work in groups to produce harmonious melodies helps improve discipline and teamwork; a lifetime soft skill important in this 21st Century.

At Oaks & Acorns Montessori Schools, we believe an early appreciation of music sets the right foundation for your child to nurture and experience the joy and advantages of a music education in relation to other aspects of their development. Our music club is equipped with world class musical instruments, well trained and experienced music tutors, engaging your child daily in exploring music and reaping its benefits thereof.

Did you know that swimming is a fun, exciting and an important life skill everyone needs to learn, whether as a child or an adult. Learning to swim for children is a journey, and once they start, it gets easier as they go along. At Oaks and Acorns Montessori Schools, we can proudly say that we help our children develop tremendously, not just in academics, but in extracurricular activities, like swimming. We have an in-house swimming pool and well qualified instructors, who guide and guard the children until they have mastered the act of swimming and survival techniques.

If you are looking for an exercise to get your children active, or are wondering about why swimming is regarded as one of the most beneficial activities for young people, look no further. The many benefits of swimming for children include:

Strengthened Bones and Muscles
It helps to improve coordination and balance. Much of your baby’s body is supported by water, the main focus for them is on maintaining balance. Overall, children who swim have a much better balance out of the pool.

Confidence Booster
Swimming help children develop confidence. Children can often be fearful of water if they are not sensitized to it. Overcoming this fear can be extremely empowering, boosting confidence and self-esteem. This newfound confidence can extend to social situations, which allows your child to interact with peers, developing their social skills and providing another self-esteem boost. Improving self-esteem instills a positive attitude towards physical activity which assists later in life.

Perfect for fun
Swimming is a perfect way to have fun especially for kids as long as it is in a safe environment with well-trained instructors watching, it’s a perfect environment to unwind. We’ve had kids with special needs that won’t engage or allow people to touch them, loosen up, have fun moments and most importantly exercise their muscles and entire body.

Development of the cardiovascular muscles
A study has shown that holding your breath can increase your intelligence. Professor Win Wenger says Swimming is THE best exercise for building lung capacity, which enables you to take in more air. Swimming builds the children’s muscles and their lung capacity as well as providing the strength to push further and endure longer.

It’s important in this era of the COVID-19 Pandemic to note that, our swimming pool is well treated with adequate levels of Chlorine based on international standards. Research shows that the COVID-19 Virus can’t survive in water that has a high concentration of Chlorine, as Chlorine kills bacteria and viruses instantaneously on contact to enroll. What are you waiting for? Come and enroll your ward(s) to become world class swimmers.

Taekwondo (Tae Kwon Do) is a martial art of self-defense of Korean origin. It is recognized as one of the oldest forms of martial arts in the world yet one of the most improved martial arts to fit in to making the world a more peaceful place. School across the world have adopted this art as a major extra curriculum activity in all levels of education not only because it’s a major Olympic sport but for its benefits to people of all ages.

Benefits of taekwondo to kids;

Physical fitness. Taekwondo improves and increases the physical fitness of a child and we cannot over emphasize the important of physical fitness in people.

Taekwondo as a traditional art improve the concentration of a child.

Taekwondo like all other martial arts teaches respect as a foundation of the art that’s why we bow one to another in respect.

Taekwondo substantially improves a child’s self-confidence and self-esteem.

It teaches the children to manage winning and learn lessons from failing.

Taekwondo teach children team work and structure.

Taekwondo give children goals to shoot for as well as better focus.

The importance of taekwondo to children is so much and can be understood better from the TENENTS of taekwondo and also from the taekwondo pledge.
The Tenents:
1 courtesy
2 integrity
3 perseverance
4 self-control
5. Indomitable spirit.