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Infant Community

This is the child’s second home. When your infant leaves home to be here at Oaks & Acorns Montessori School, we guarantee all joy, all day. You can sing the song note by note; “don’t worry be happy”

We provide a safe, hygienic, natural learning environment for infants within this age group. It is a Nest where we nurture them and help to ignite their quest to learn and explore in all areas as their developmental needs arises. On ground is our qualified medical personnel and nannies; as well as a school sick bay taking care of the children all day long. We have a very low adult-child ratio; our aim is to emphasise on individual care; this allows the caregivers to follow each baby’s own rhythms and needs without interrupting.

Our care-givers provides warm, careful, observant and professional service while working in collaboration with the parents of the children. Most importantly, we engage the infants in meaningful conversation, play with and sing for them, rock them, hold them and encourage them to take the ‘risk’ that their developmental stage wants them to take; like standing and walking. Importantly, we provide and design Montessori inspired learning materials for them and they successfully try these new task on daily basis.

There’s so much fun while the infant eats, play, explore, even while they rest and sleep. Physical, social, language, and cognitive development are a vital part of the program in our Infant Community. With the way our infant program is structured, we give you every reason to trust us; get about your daily duties and have your baby back in your hands full of smiles at the end of each day. They have freedom of movement indoors and outdoors; it’s a safe space that supports growth.