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Lower Elementary

Grades 1-3

Our Elementary program is a six-year plan divided into 3years at the lower elementary and 3 years at the upper Elementary. With our Montessori curriculum, the child is gradually guided with a syllabus and topics that are relevant for the second plane of development.

At this stage or level in the child’s life, they are typically characterized by their adventurous, inquisitive, high reasoning and scientific mind; this is seen in their desire to engage in research and explore their world. Our learning environment has been prepared purposefully and made available with content, structured to meet the quest for more work, meaningful and scientific exploration in children of this age.

The system is such that the children can work in small groups while they engage in a variety of projects and term work. With this, they learn from one another, build each other up while acquiring more skills, increase self-worth and confidence; as well as mastery in their diverse work. As such, they can make meaningful contribution to the society.

The Program Focus

Included in their course of work and detailed are topics bordering around: Mathematics, Geometry, all aspects of Sciences, English Language, (Reading, writing, public speaking) Art, Music, French, Geography, History, Computer program, Religious studies, etc. Students extend their learning beyond the classroom to carry out projects outside the school. Trips are made to various places of interest like museums, Libraries, Farms, IT Centers, Concerts and theatres, Photography Studios, Catering Outfits, Business outfits, etc.

We are passionately committed to giving our students as much knowledge as they will need to build on; to be relevant in a rapidly changing and technological advancing world. The students are equipped to be able to manage life generally and give solution to the crisis and challenges in the world today. To achieve this, they learn to manage their time and studies very well. They also are allowed to be able to make independent and correct and meaningful choices in matters relating to their overall development. The children grow to learn the interconnectedness and interdependence of humans and all creatures in life generally. To be globally – minded in their approach to life is one of the goals of our education.