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Children’s House

This unique classroom caters for the needs of children within 2.5 – 5/6years. At Oaks & Acorns Montessori Children’s House, your child will experience close-knit teacher-child support and relationship. We foster one-on-one approach where each child work and learn at their own pace. Work-cycle is respected and uninterrupted. Each young learner has freedom of movement and choice within defined boundaries. Our mixed age grouping creates opportunities for leading and following.

Our program offers a social setting that leaves individual child with lots of opportunities. These young ones consciously imbibe morals, values and culture for peaceful co-existence. Our education is enriched with peace and self-regulation. We provide top quality, array of Montessori and multi-sensory learning materials designed for individuals and groups.

Curriculum Focus

These include diverse activities of daily living relevant to a child’s life and culture. Our work here is purposeful. These Practical Life materials helps the child develop independence; eye-hand coordination, and fine motor skills, deep concentration. The program also aids the child to acquire and develop good habits for life; global mindset; social grace and courteous skill and respect.

The materials under this program are designed to: promote the refinement of the senses which is fundamental to the growth and development of the child. There is interconnectedness between the sensorial materials with other materials in other sections. They function directly and indirectly preparing the child for math and language while he works to learn about: shapes, colours, sound, volume, taste, size, smell and touch.

Each child is systematically exposed to numbers and their meaning in a variety of concrete ways with appropriate materials. Montessori materials promotes the development and building of the child’s mathematical minds using Practical Life and Sensorial materials. In these materials, the following are directly and indirectly emphasised: ordering, sequencing, conservation of quantity, and geometry. Work is offered children. These children practice the scientific method to begin to construct their strong mathematical foundations through work moving from simple to complex; from concrete to abstract.

Our Langauge atmosphere is extremely a rich program designed for learners. Many experiences of oral language is offered the child the moment he comes into the Children’s House. This ranges from:Phonics, self directed word building, story reading, story-telling, rhymes; poems, songs, and vocabulary enrichment. The interconnectedness of Practical Life and Langauge development is obvious here; where the children develop wealth of knowledge which becomes ultimately important for pre-reading and pre-writing.. Formal lessons in phonics, word building, reading, creative writing and grammar are introduced as the child develops.

The curriculum of science in our Montessori Children’s House includes such areas as: Botany, Zoology, Geography and Physics (all in their primary level). The curriculum brings science basically to the child’s understanding. We, off course, make use of materials that ignite and sustain passion to learn and explore; making young researchers out of our children. It becomes easy for a child at this age level to learn about the continents, the countries especially; as well as child’s own continent and capitals. The children are even linked to the respective country’s flag for each country. What a wonderful way to get children to be globally aware; to develop love, appreciation and deep respect for their heritage; in extension, respect for the culture of other persons.

Appreciation of Music at this Conscious level is very important, we pay special attention to develop this aspect of learning in children.

Current trend and research keeps emphasising the importance of Art. We find and make Art a very natural part of our school curriculum. Our Art and Craft curriculum gives the child freedom for self-expression. Children love this and they are nurtured with this in mind. Included here are: Drawing, Painting, Music, Dance, Creative Art, Poetry, Writing, and so on. Self-expression is nurtured in all children. Children experience visual art, music, poetry, theatre, writing, dance and other forms of creative arts with confidence and passion. As current research continues to indicate the importance of artistic exploration, we find it a very natural part of our curriculum. Art appreciation and art history is as natural a part of the curriculum in our children’s house. We learn about art as we do everything else, from the perspective of history as well. We study the various forms of media as we study the artists who created and used them.