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Toddler Program

The Community

At Oaks & Acorns, our Toddler program is designed to meet the needs of each child, while emphasising learning through play, movement; we make use of Montessori scientifically designed and manipulative materials. We are proud to offer a nurturing, beautiful authentic Montessori learning environment for children within the ages 18months-30/36 months. Providing indeed a “home away from home,”

We make learning individualistic; a one on one touch that is not compromised. we seek to follow each child and track their journey of individual development. These young children also participate in cooperative group play and lessons with other children. It is important to mention here that each day presents an awesome opportunities that equip the strengthening of language skills, refining and developing gross motor and fine motor skills respectively. We believe with Maria Montessori that a child should not be helped with a task that she or he feels and have confidence they can accomplish; therefore, encouraging independence and respect for the child is at our fore always. This indeed boosts the self worth and confidence of the child.

The Program

Our program is a mixed age classroom and children are given a free choice of work and are encouraged to proceed at their own pace under professional guidance. No child is in competition with the other; therefore, is not brought under undue pressure that does not produce a positive and enduring result. In the Toddler program, our environment is safe and produces children who are empathic, compassionate towards one another, passionate to learn and willing to explore beyond the ordinary task and materials presented. Social interaction and relationship is built to maturity using our curriculum. “Establishing lasting peace is the work of education; all politics can do is keep us out of war” – Maria Montessori

Our Montessori Toddler curriculum is a Global curriculum that gives the child the wherewithal to live, exist, thrive, amongst any people and culture all over the world. The curriculum is all-embracing, detailed, holistic and complete in content. It includes: Practical Life Activities like: Care of Self, Care of Environment, Care of Others, Grace and Courtesy, Activities and Exercises of Daily Living; Sensorial education; Language Acquisition; Cultural: Botany, Geography, History, Music, Expression of Art.

Our classrooms are so beautifully laid out and so appealing to any child; because, from our toddler-sized furniture with unique designs; to our low shelving; then to materials especially designed to meet each child’s individual developmental needs. Nothing is like it! This is nothing short of divine wisdom and excellence in display. Almost tangible, is the precision in the set up of these classrooms; the warmth is so real; the workability and success is undoubtable; inviting with every step, as the feet of these young explores are made into this classroom.