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Our Core Values

  Integrity – Our culture is to display honesty and transparent in all our dealings with parents, students, members of staff and the community at large.

  Team Spirit – We function as a team. We build a team that take initiative, collaborate and support each other; to function well and in accurate manner in order to bring productivity and value to our organization.

  Leadership – We believe that every child has the potential to be a good leader, and we support this by offering education that nurtures that potentiality in the young child. For instance, our lessons in “grace and courtesy,” prepares the young child to learn about social relationship, regulate their feelings, feel empathy for others and manage conflict amicably.

  Excellence – This is our watch word, in our commitment to develop the maximum potential of members of staff and the children. So, training forms part of our investment in our employees, for the most efficient delivery of services; while we continually seek ways to improve.

  Parent Partnership – OAMS will fully and dynamically engage and partner with parents and society to get fully involved in the education of their children while aspiring for growth in their various careers in the spirit of PAP (Parent as Partners).

  Service to Society – To use Montessori education to build respect for cultures, in order to further give service to the society. This involves taking Montessori to the grassroots.

  Creativity – Being creative, innovative and pressing hard for improved corperate development in all areas.